Cosmo’s Happy Tail

Cosmo Post
See how a pet owner was able to use a sock to help protect his dog’s incision wound so it could heal.

Cosmo visited RVVS in May 2016 to have a mast cell tumor removed from his left shoulder. His owner did his best to keep him from licking the incision, but his best efforts were no match for the cunning Cosmo. Even while wearing the typical “cone of shame,” Cosmo somehow managed to turn his incision into an open wound, thanks to his tongue. Then Cosmo’s owner got crafty and found a brilliant sock solution on Pinterest. He took a tube sock and cut it as shown in the picture to make a sleeve that could be placed over Cosmo’s bandage and comfortably protect it from his tongue. Theis sock cover, along with his e-collar and bandage changes allowed the wound to heal and leave a cool scar that any “tough” dog would be proud of.