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A Computed Tomography (CT) scan uses x-rays to create cross-sectional images or “slices” of a patient’s anatomy. These slices provide much more information than traditional x-ray images. Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists is excited to offer CT scans with our state of the art VimagoTM High Definition 3D Scanner, which offers faster scans while using less radiation.

What is a Pet CT Scan?

Veterinary CT scans can be used to evaluate nearly all parts of the body, making it an invaluable tool for diagnosing disease or injury and planning surgical procedures. The 3D images created give our board-certified surgeons detailed information on joint injuries, arthritis, fractures, spinal disease or injury, and chest and abdominal masses. They also allow our Internal Medicine specialists to quickly assess nasal disease in patients with chronic sneezing, nasal discharge, bleeding from the nose, and/or upper airway congestion. Additionally, our CT scanner allows our specialists to perform fluoroscopic examinations. Fluoroscopy creates real-time moving x-ray images that are used to diagnose collapsing trachea and swallowing disorders.

A CT scan is painless and takes only seconds to complete. Therefore, most orthopedic CT scans at Royal Vista Vets are done with sedation instead of anesthesia. Non-anesthetic procedures pose less risk to the patient and are more affordable for pet owners. Patients are sedated so that they remain still for the CT scan but are awake and ready to go home within a few hours from our Windsor hospital. Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists is happy to offer CT through our Internal Medicine or Surgery specialists or as an outpatient service. Every CT scan is submitted to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation.

Computed Tomography (CT) Pricing

All prices listed include the interpretation from a veterinary radiology specialist.

  • Orthopedic (including nasal and skull): $680
  • Spine: under 25kgs/55 lbs: $1250
    • Over 25kgs/55 lbs: $1550
  • Thorax or abdominal: under 25 kgs/55 lbs: $950
  • Over 25 kgs/55 lbs: $1050
  • Additional site: $285

NOTE: The price for CT scans does not include pre-anesthetic bloodwork or radiopaque contrast that may be necessary for some CT scans at our Windsor office. Bloodwork is necessary to ensure that a patient is healthy enough to safely undergo sedation or anesthesia. Royal Vista Vets welcomes clients to use recent bloodwork from their primary veterinarian. The radiopaque contrast, a special dye that lights up under x-rays, is charged according to the weight of the patient.

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