We Now Offer Emergency Services 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week!


Veterinary Specialist ServiceWith over 45 years of combined veterinary surgical experience, our surgeons at Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists have a knowledge base and skill set that is exceptional. Our surgeons have worked side-by-side with some of the world’s best veterinary surgeons while developing innovative surgical techniques as well as a level of unparalleled surgical excellence. Surgeons function as the problem solvers of veterinary medicine and practically follow the old adage, “If it’s broken, fix it!” However, in addition to surgical expertise, the board-certified surgeons at Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists are proud to possess a deep and genuine level of attentiveness to you and your pet that extends beyond the surgery suite.


Regenerative Medicine

Veterinarian Near MeAt Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists, we are revolutionizing the way veterinary medicine is being practiced by offering innovative, non-surgical regenerative medical treatment options for animals.  By using the animal’s own natural healing capabilities, regenerative medicine provides a viable alternative or adjunct treatment for many pets facing surgery due to degeneration, injury, or chronic pain.  Many pets suffering from orthopedic and neurological disease are thriving again thanks to the ingenious capabilities of regenerative medicine.



Hearing that your best friend has cancer can be emotionally devastating. AtAffordable Pet Care Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists, we assure you that our highly skilled, warmhearted team will be attentive and mindful as we work together to ease your fears and anxiety.

Treating a pet with cancer can often be a challenging and complex endeavor, but our cancer treatment specialists (Oncologists) can help navigate the treatment path so that you and your pet can enjoy many more memories together. In order to have a full understanding of the road ahead, advanced diagnostics will be utilized to obtain a detailed picture of the type and stage of cancer that we will be managing in your pet. The most common diagnostic tests employed to stage the cancer and guide treatment protocols include blood tests, cytology, x-rays, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and CT or MRI scans.


Internal Medicine

Veterinary ServicesWe can all relate to the stress that we feel when our pets aren’t feeling well.  The sense of urgency to arrive at a diagnosis and start treatment can be overwhelming -especially when the ailment is complex.  Your family veterinarian may need a second pair of eyes and ears to make the diagnosis and formulate the most effective treatment plan.  At Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists, our Internal Medicine Specialists are eager to go above and beyond the call of duty to be of assistance to you.


Overnight Care Service

The Overnight Veterinary Care Service is designed to provide patients with high-quality, attentive, continuous 24-hour care for your patients.We are happy to follow patient care instructions as per the treatment sheet provided by the referring Doctor. No additional medications will be administered or treatments performed without first contacting the doctor from the hospital that is managing the case. Your Doctor will label medications, syringes and fluid bags with the drug name and dosage.The patient can be transported to Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists by the client, one of referring veterinarian’s staff members, or by Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists transport service. We will have the patient ready to be transported back to the family veterinarian in the morning by your choice of transport.

In an attempt to streamline the process for everyone involved, we will send the referring Veterinarian an invoice when the patient leaves our hospital; however, we will only bill for overnight care services on a bi-monthly basis. We will not accept payment from the client upon arrival or discharge. All overnight care patients will need to be admitted to Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists between 4:00pm & 6:00pm and returned between 7:00am & 8:30am. We will begin accepting overnight care patients at 4:00pm.

Royal Vista Overnight Care includes patient observation and monitoring vital signs, IV Catheter maintenance, oral and injectable medication administration, IV fluid administration, one blood pressure measurement, pain score assessment, and ice/heat therapy as necessary. If you are a family Veterinarian and would like to know more, including price, please call.


Diagnostic Imaging

Royal Vista is proud to offer mupltile diagnostic imaging modalities; from digital radiographs, fluoroscopy, diagnostic ultrasounds, and CT scans!