Royal Vista is proud to offer multiple diagnostic imaging modalities; from digital radiographs, fluoroscopy, diagnostic ultrasounds, and CT scans!

Diagnostic Imaging

Our DR (digital radiograph) system is state-of-the-art; previously known as SoundEklin now called AIS; Antech Imaging Service. With the newer digital technology the time to obtain and view images has decreased significantly from the ‘older’ ways of x-ray film and cassettes. This benefits both the patients and technician – and means fewer retakes with also decreases exposure to radiation. Radiographs are often one of the first steps when evaluating a patient for vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lameness, or focal or generalized pain. Often times we can diagnose the problem with the correct set of radiographs.


Our hospital utilized 2 ultrasound machines; both are made by GE Healthcare. The Logiq P6 Veterinary US machine is a larger console type unit, and a Logiq E portable ultrasound machine can be useful in certain ER/critical situations. Ultrasound exams that are available include: abdominal, musculoskeletal and other soft tissue, thoracic, thyroid/parathyroid glands, and cardiac. Additionally and other ‘lumps’ and ‘bumps’ that need to be evaluated can be imaged with ultrasound. Tissue sampling (fine needle aspirate or tru-cut biopsies) of abnormal findings are minimally invasive and are easily obtained under ultrasound guidance. Examples of these often aspirated include peritoneal/pleural effusion, enlarged organs; liver/spleen and GI masses or abnormal lymph nodes. Most of the time the patient does not even need to sedate for a fine needle aspirate. Biopsies will require heavy sedation/general anesthesia as directed by the charge doctor.


Finally we offer CT scans; using the Vigamos CT scanner. This is a new generation of CT scanners and has many advantages; decreased exposure, the unit is semi-portable, and has fluoroscopic capabilities. Multiple areas of the body can be imaged including the brain, thorax (lungs), abdomen, entire spine (including intervertebral discs), pelvis, skull (including TMJs), and both the fore and hind limbs; in particular the elbows or tarsi.


Fluoroscopic examinations are also available and can be useful in diagnosing a range of disorders from collapsing trachea to esophageal motility disorders. Pulmonary parenchyma abnormalities can also be evaluated using fluoroscopy.

Whatever your pets imaging needs are; rest assured that the correct modality will be used to help reach a diagnosis in the most efficient, cost effective, least invasive way possible.


Royal Vista is proud to offer multiple diagnostic modalities will be used to help reach a diagnosis in the most efficient, cost effective, least invasive way possible.