Pet Cancer Treatment

Treating a pet with cancer can often be a challenging and complex endeavor, but our cancer treatment specialists (Oncologists) can help navigate the treatment path so that you and your pet can enjoy many more memories together. In order to have a full understanding of the road ahead, advanced diagnostics will be utilized to obtain a detailed picture of the type and stage of cancer that we will be managing in your pet. The most common diagnostic tests employed to stage the cancer and guide treatment protocols include blood tests, cytology, x-rays, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and CT or MRI scans.

Additionally, the most common side effects that we associate with chemotherapy – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and compromised immune system – are usually easy to manage if not prevent altogether. At Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists, our goal is to carefully calculate the doses of chemotherapy drugs and formulate the frequency of treatments in a manner that minimizes any discomfort for your pet, while providing the most effective defense against cancer. We are steadfast in making sure that the strength of your pet’s spirit endures throughout his or her road to achieving remission.